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OCTG Tubular and Thread Inspection Services - Visual and Laser Inspection

Visual Body Inspection

We perform a thorough visual inspection of OCTG threads and casings for obvious external damages such as external corrosion, dented, mashed, or bent tubes. Most damages arise from handling of the tubulars, i.e., slip/elevator damage, tong die damage, bent tubes, etc.

Visual Thread Inspection (VTI)

We thoroughly clean and visually inspect and evaluate both pin and box end connections for any damages, such as pitted, cut or mashed seals, galled threads, corrosion, coating integrity, etc. Any defects noted will be clearly marked on the area and identified on the inspection report.

API Drifting (Full-length)

An API drift cut to strict API specifications, is passed through the full-length bore of each length of pipe in order to check for mashed or dented areas along the pipe.  If an area has been located, the defect will be noted on the inspection report.

 Laser Tally Services               

This electronic measuring device utilizes laser technology with data logging and transfer software to accurately and safely maeasure your tubular goods. This service is performed over the pipe. Individual joints are date and time stamped and easily transferred as an electronic file.

Tubular Maintenance Programs

TSI can coordinate with your pipe storage facility and manage your tubulars. This will include new, used, rental strings, as well as rig returns to insure that every effort is made to maintain the integrity of all OCTG's.  A comprehensive tracking and maintenance database will be created for each lot of tubulars to track joint numbers, location, cleaning, inspections, preventative maintenance, etc. All information will be stored electronically for ease of transfer to clients.