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Product Running & Handling Procedures

All of TSI's service representatives are highly trained and experienced on multiple vessel types.  Procedures for running and pulling tubulars may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer and are meant to be general in nature.  With our years of experience, detailed procedures for the different rig types can be quickly implemented to insure consistent and successful running of your tubular goods. In addition to that, TSI will come to your facility to train any and all of your personnel on up to date manufacture make-up and running procedures.

Comprehensive Safety Training

TSI is commited to complete compliance with all health, safety and environmental regulations.  Safety to personnel and the environment is top priority and the core of our business practices and procedures.  Our employees are encouraged to evaluate all situations and insure that all appplicable safety regulations are being adhered to, on and off the job-site.  Our service representataives can also assist in implementing proper JSA's for all operations on the rig-site with regards to tubular running/handling as well as all phacets of the completion operations.

Bi-weekly safety and training meetings are held with all employees and industry wide safety notices are shared and discussed.  Any information gathered from rig sites by our filed service personnel are also discussed, logged and posted for all employees.